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R. Holmes Strategic Business & Human Resource Consulting LLC. was formed in 2016 by me, Rakayia Holmes the Principal and Chief Strategist for the firm. Through years of business and management experience in industries including; residential care (3), retail (2), casino gaming (8), manufacturing (3), education (3) and finance (5) I developed the skills and a passion for solving complex problems.

I have been employed since the age of fifteen. However, I didn’t include my volunteer life guarding and paid camp counselor experience, though it did provide a good foundation on how to convince people to cooperate and get things done when you have nothing but a whistle as a resource 😊.

Early in my career, when faced with challenges I developed an undeniable ability to frame a problem, propose financially sound solutions and get buy-in at all levels of an organization to get things done. Naturally that means I spent a lot of unpaid time conducting research, talking to people, gathering and analyzing data to get to the root cause of problems. However through formal education and with more work experience I refined these skills over the years which led to the deployment of solutions quickly, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and gave birth to this organization and for that, I am satisfied with my efforts.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to meet and work with some equally passionate and even more talented individuals than myself. Each of whom, I hand selected to join me as consultants. Each person I selected is passionate in their area of expertise and excellent at creating solutions and developing tools to solve complex business problems for our clients. Want to learn more about our team? Click learn more below.