Meet Our Team


The Strategist

Rakayia Holmes, BS in Public Administration, minor Legal Studies, Murray State University

Nonconformist by day and night, believe in asking the right questions. Business Owner, Wife, Mom. Personal quote “Motives Make The Difference” .


The Analyst

Aja Wright, MBA in Human Resource Management, Keller Graduate School of Management, Personal Quote “I’m here to reminds us all to make sure the choices we make are worth the losses we could take.”


The Labor Relations Guru

Gina Jones, MPS, PHR, Cornell University, Personal Quote “The world is my sandbox and yes you can play but no, you can not do’s illegal.”


The Recruiter

Kim Goodman, BS in Business Administration, Mid Continent University, Personal Quote “I’m in between vacations…gimme a minute, I was rehearsing for the next one…It is what it is.”


The People Developer

Tonya Thurman, MOL, PHR, SHRM-CP University of Northwestern-St. Paul, Personal Quote “You keep knocking your head against the wall dear. Here, since you won’t learn from this, let me at least get you a helmet.”