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RAISE YOUR HAND IF....Blog Article Series

Welcome to the first article in our blog series "Raise Your Hand If..."

Seventy-five percent of the way through this year, most of us can agree that 2020 has presented shocks and upheavals, challenges and disappointments, adjustments and adaptations, and opportunities and triumphs. If you are one of the many who felt vaguely dissatisfied, mildly bored, or slightly stagnant in 2019, we can safely assume that you no longer have these same sentiments.

We have been impacted by wave after wave of unprecedented events: the global pandemic with its socio-economic impact, continuous public outcry and civil unrest based on deeply implanted roots of social injustice, and a rapidly approaching battle ground election that seems to be determinedly bobbing towards unchartered waters - all of these contribute to the feeling of navigating extraordinary times.

As leaders, we scramble to stay on top of and ahead of these changes; now is the perfect time for examining the current processes, reflecting on what we need to do to stay afloat, and challenging the status quo. Now is the perfect time to enact much needed changes. Sometimes it can be humbling to admit that we don’t have all the answers, but as we frequently encourage our followers, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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Oct 01, 2020

Great introductory blog article Tonya! Thank You!!

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